CAFE Cut MENS Brazilian rainbow stars String bikini

To help make a budget and production friendly model we introduce the newest tester CAFE cut. This cut is designed to make production easier and more affordable to you. Its a TEST Run, please read all of the information:

This model is designed in 2 sizes at this time and the sizes are DIFFERENT!

S/M will measure 24-34″ at the absolute max, so if you wear a 34 comfortably, size up these will be tight!

L/XL Will measure 30-44″ at the absolute max so in reality over a 40″ waist will not fit. I recommend 34-38″

These are NOT LINED, zero lining, no lining at all. They are NOT eligible for scrunch option also. Again these are designed to ship extra fast with an easier production process also to utilize fabrics that may not have a large enough quantity for larger production. If they go well we will release a women’s version and larger sizes.

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